My name is Ben, and I am a Social, Political and Cultural Geographer.

I was a Primary School teacher on the South-West London/Surrey border, and developed a passion for planning and delivering creative Geography lessons with the aim to make the young children that I was responsible develop a love for the subject that I had. There was still that sense of frustration that I had never taken my love of Geography further. Finally, an opportunity presented itself in a rather bizarre way. I took several pupils from my school to Royal Holloway, University of London as part of a project to introduce children from families who had never attended higher education to foster aspirations of university study. Whilst there I got talking to a member of university staff about my passion for Geography, and she just happened to mention Royal Holloway’s status as one of the leading Cultural Geography centres. It all went from there and in September 2014 I finally fulfilled my dream of studying Geography again. The Cultural Geography MA at Royal Holloway is a research based course which allows individuals to pursue a specialism around which to frame the papers and dissertation you write. For me, it was Indigenous Identities with the social and cultural paradigms within that, focusing on the inherent unfairness and unequal treatment of citizens who identify as indigenous in countries around the world. Within the UK, due to ancestry links, this was quickly connected with Cornwall’s unique history and in the injustice of treatment that its indigenous population have suffered over hundreds of years, with wider reflections on the situation in other Celtic nations, specifically Brittany and Wales. I have also researched and written extensively on the treatment of Indigenous Australians by the settler population and the history of the political situation in the country from the election of the Gough Whitlam Labor government in 1972 to the present period which has culminated in the surprise re-election of the right wing Liberal-National coalition. This included spending a period of time in the country throughout the 2010 General Election campaign.

This site has the name Doronieth Kernow – Doronieth is the Cornish word for Geography and Kernow the name for Cornwall in the native tongue. At Royal Holloway, I was fortunate to be researching in a high quality department full of influential academics. One of whom, Dr. Oli Mould and his work on gentrification and social movements influenced me greatly.



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  1. rebeccamccut · June 29, 2016

    Hi Ben, nice to find your site, I’m a director and imminent graduate from the Royal Holloway Drama Dept (just got my PhD…). I’m currently developing a site-specific drama project in Padstow and I’d love to talk to you about the communities there. Cultural geography is a big interest of mine too, as my theatre is site-specific – Doreen Massey was a major influence in my thesis, as was Nigel Thrift. Do get in touch – rebeccamccutcheon@hotmail.com. I have a blog here of wordpress too – RebeccaMcCutcheon.com. Best wishes, Rebecca


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