Mebyon Kernow Annual Conference 2015

Mebyon Kernow hold their Annual Conference at New County Hall, Truro, next Saturday.

Mebyon Kernow’s Annual Conference for 2015 will take place at Lys Kernow, Truru (New County Hall, Truro) next Saturday, 14th November.

Events will open at 10:00am when leader Dick Cole will present his report summarising MK’s activities over the past twelve months, which, of course will include May’s General Election Campaign. Allied to this will be the ongoing campaign for a devolved Senedh Kernow (Cornwall Assembly), which was further boosted by a majority in the Camborne and Redruth constituency backing the call in a poll. This is to be followed by other reports from the Party Treasurer Councillor Andrew Long and Party Development Officer Councillor Stephen Richardson.

Following this will be various motions. The first of which will discuss the Senedh Kernow and Cornwall Council’s present documentation entitled ‘The Case for Cornwall’ which calls for greater powers for the existing unitary body. Following up will be one relating to the Scottish National Party ad their continued electoral success. There will then be a motion on a sustainable waste policy for Cornwall. After a fourth motion supporting NHS workers, Conference will turn its attention towards agreeing an action plan for 2015-17.

The afternoon session will open with a speech from former Labour councillor for Mevagissey Michael Bunney, who joined Mebyon Kernow in September, ahead to party leader Dick Cole’s key note address.

Conference will then have three discussions led by prominent Cornish academic Bernard Deacon to consider first how Mebyon Kernow can push itself to the forefront of progressive politics in Cornwall. Secondly, the conversation will turn to the fact that
at the last General Election, the party was denied fair coverage on television, and consider what can be done to combat this lack of media coverage and boost the profile of Mebyon Kernow. Finally, there will be the all important question of what more Mebyon Kernow could be doing to shatter the myth that devolution for Cornwall could be achieved through the vehicle of local government.

News from events at the conference will be posted here after the event.


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