2021 Census – Let The Cornish Be Cornish!

Cornwall must resist Devon's attempt to resurrect 'Devonwall' PHOTO - Ben Gilby

Cornish people must have the same rights to express their National Identity & Language as the Scottish, Welsh and Irish. PHOTO – Ben Gilby

The Office For National Statistics (ONS) has opened its consultation about the topics for inclusion in the 2021 National Census, and anyone who has the smallest piece of pride in their links to Cornwall needs to be fully aware of the ramifications of this consultation.

With Cornwall being awarded National Minority Status, they are now able to claim the same rights to their National Identity and language as their fellow Celts in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In previous Census forms, people were able to tick a box to show their National Identity as Scottish, Welsh or Irish in the same way that English people could tick their box. Equally, there has been a box in the past to identify language spoken, where people have, previously had the option to tick Welsh, or the Gaelic languages of Scotland or Ireland.

So, as the Cornish have been given National Minority status, then it goes without saying that they should be given the opportunity to tick a box identifying themselves as Cornish by National Identity, and Kernewek by language if they desire. It is equally important for this option to be a nation wide one, not just on the forms for Cornwall – there are Cornish exiles all over Britain who, although not living in the Cornish territory now, consider themselves fiercely proud to be Cornish.

In previous versions of the National Census, people could tick “Other” for National Identity or language and fill in as appropriately, but this runs a risk of skewing the data generated. Only by having the box clearly there to tick for National Identity and Language as Cornish can full data be gained.

It is imperative that as many people as possible support these proposals and fill in the relevant sections of the ONS Consultation. It is quite a wordy document, but it is vitally important that as many people who support this demonstration of Cornish National Identity take part.

In order to do so, go to https://consultations.ons.gov.uk/census/2021-census-topics-consultation/consultation/view

You ONLY need to fill in Sections 1 & 2 plus Topics 4 & 5, not the whole form – stating your views that the Census should have a clear tick box for people to show their National Identity as Cornish and language as Kernewek.


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